• Михаил Духновский
    Mikhail Dukhnovsky Phytotherapy Instructor

    Phytotherapy Instructor

    • Алексей Филиппов
      Alexei Filippov Boxing coach

      Coach kids groups

      • Эдуард Романчук
        Eduard Romanchuk Boxing coach

        Professional boxer champion of Ukraine, boxing coach.

        • Тимур Подставкин
          Тимур Подставкин Thai boxing coach

          KMS Thai boxing champion of Moscow and Muay Thai Region. Winner of the Moscow Cup, Prize-winner of the Russian Championship, member of the Moscow Muai Tai national team.

          • Алексей Захаров
            Алексей Захаров Kickboxing and boxing coach

            The higher sports pedagogical education, coaching experience more than 15 years. Thai boxing, kickboxing, boxing coach. MS boxing, MS Kudo, CRU Muay Tai IFMA, WMF.